Le Plume

Le Plume Permanent markers are great for comic, manga, cartooning, designing, rubber stamps, clear stamps, landscape studies, gesture drawings, painting, and sketching. 141 of its colors are alcohol based and permanent. The other three are opaque and pigmented. There are a total of 144 colors in this family of markers.

141 of the Le Plume Permanent colors are transparent, which means you can over lap colors and make smooth blends. Create new color blends or add depth to your artwork with highlights and shadows. Alcohol based ink colors blend easily and dries quickly making it the perfect tool for manga illustrations and designing. A colorless blender is also available for blending colors together and for removing color. It is a great versatile tool.

The soft flexible brush on the Le Plume Permanent alcohol based marker is wonderful for achieving thick and thin line strokes. Its tip is small enough for fine details and the belly of the brush is big enough to cover large areas. The soft brush glides easily on the surface of the paper to create smooth blends. The three opaque ink marker in this family has a fine plastic tip. It works perfectly for detailing and fine line drawing. Makes a great accenting marker.

Le Plume Permanent 144 Colors

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There are 144 colors in the Le Plume Permanent family of markers. 141 of them are transparent alcohol based colors and the other three are opaque and pigmented. The transparent colors allow overlapping and create smooth blends, while the opaque colors are great for highlighting and accentuating areas. Choose from a spectrum of color ranges and hues to create your personalized art.

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