UCHIDA OF AMERICA, CORP. - Le Plume Permanent Blending Demo with Dave
Le Plume Permanent Blending Demo with Dave

Le Plume Permanent Blending Demo with Dave

Hi everyone!

Sorry it's taken me so long to complete my second post. My flying schedule has been very hectic...here we go...I'd like to talk about our 3000 series alcohol markers... I believe...unfortunately they're one of the best kept secrets in the crafting industry. We introduced them about 3 years ago and yes we realized we would be going up against the king of alcohol markers Copic. I firmly believe for the money our markers let more people have the chance to try out alcohol markers. You can buy one sketch marker or buy 3 of our markers and yes I know some people think I'm crazy and yes I even own Copic markers. I purchased them when I owned my store Stampology Chicago and at the time Copic was the only game in town when it came to alcohol markers. Before I make this next statement...It's my belief and my belief only...When I owned my store and made the large investment to purchase Copic markers...I did not like that after spending thousands of dollars...I was informed for $80.00 more someone would teach me how to use them! Now let's fast forward, I sold my store in the fall of 2009 and went back to flying full time and then in summer of 2011 I was contacted by Marvy®/Uchida about demoing for them. That July at CHA, I tested and received my first set of 3000 alcohol markers...except for a few of the primary colors...I still have the original set. Without further ado click below for a blending demo.

Talk with you soon, Dave Velez

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Great start... would be amazing to see more videos specifically about the products, showing them used, up close video of the actual products, maybe a video of each product and comparing them... I hope to see more posts... keep up the great work
By: Scott
October 18, 2014


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